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Maple Counseling is temporarily offering all services remotely via HIPPA-compliant tele-health platforms. We look forward to providing in-person services again when it is safe.

Online Support Group Series for Parents

4-week series meets via Zoom every Tuesday from 6:30pm-8pm

Starts Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Helping Your Family to Navigate the Difficult Waters of Parenting During COVID-19.

This group welcomes parents of all aged children and adolescents who would like to have a forum to discuss the difficult times brought on by the current COVID epidemic, as well as safe and sane solutions for how to problem-solve within their families.

Specific Tools of Parenting will be discussed, and experienced including how to:

  • Improve and increase effective and meaningful communication with your Child/Teen.
  • Gain the skills of self-reflective problem-solving to deescalate frustration and better understand the problems facing your family during these difficult times.
  • Lower the quantity of anger in the household by use of safe and sane methods to help you and your Child/Teen regulate emotional states of interaction
  • Discover and nurture family goals. Help your family maintain these goals over time.

Sign up today! $40. Email Sangeetha Asokan at or call (310) 271-9999 ext. 2110.

Support Group During COVID-19

The Maple Counseling Center is now offering a COVID-19 tele-support group to help community members cope with the current pandemic. The group will offer a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings and provide an opportunity to connect with others and obtain emotional support. This support group also provides an opportunity to have human contact during a time that is very isolating for many individuals.

For information, please call 310-271-9999, x5

Group Therapy

The Maple Counseling Center’s Group Therapy Program offers ongoing groups that provide personal growth, support, healing, and increased knowledge of self and others. Therapy groups offer a safe space to discuss thoughts, feelings, and life events, and talk about issues that you may not be able to talk about elsewhere.

Some people choose to join a therapy group in addition to individual therapy, and others may wish to try group therapy as a stand-alone treatment.

If you are interested in joining a therapy group, please call The Maple Counseling Center’s group information line; 310-271-9999, x5. One of our group therapists will call you back to schedule an intake session, and answer any questions you have about group therapy and which group may be best for you.

All groups are moderated by two experienced interns.

Ongoing Groups Include

Creating Meaningful Relationships

Heal old wounds, resolve old issues, and improve current relationships through the understanding and resolution of early life experiences, and talk about and deal with difficult existential issues such as death, loss, living a meaningful life.

Group I: Ages 40+. Meets every Tuesday 6:20pm - 7:50pm

Group II: Ages 20 – 39. Meets every Wednesday 6:20pm – 7:50pm

Group III: Meets every Thursday 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Gay Men

This group provides an LGBT-affirming, safe, and confidential place for gay men to explore a variety of issues both general and specific to our community, including; managing difficult feelings about self and others, recovery from self-sabotaging behaviors, and shame and internalized homophobia.

Meets Every Tuesday at 5:15pm - 6:45pm

Queer Space

LGBTQ+ -affirming group that provides a nonjudgmental, self-reflective, community-building atmosphere for persons identifying as queer, non-binary, trans, bisexual, lesbian, and gay. This group explores gender identity, sexual orientation, self-acceptance, internalized homonegativity, relationships, and vulnerabilities. This group is created for individuals to connect with one another based on the experiences of living in a heteronormative world.

Meets every Thursday from 5:20pm – 6:50pm

Therapy Group for BIPOC-identified Individuals

This group aims to provide BIPOC-identifying individuals a space to explore and share experiences related to identity, relationships, and intersectionality with significant emphasis placed on personal and relational growth. Led by two non-white individuals, the group is reserved only for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color, though we take into consideration the many complexities and nuances surrounding race-based identification. While safety is a foundational pillar of the group, there will undoubtedly be moments of discomfort. Rather than shy away from these moments, we encourage group participants to embrace the unpleasant feelings, and bring them back to the group. This not not an advocacy group, though issues surrounding advocacy and social justice may come up. We encourage those with questions to reach out for further information.

Meets every Monday at 6:20pm

Our services are all provided by counselors working towards licensure in the State of California under supervision of highly-experienced licensed clinicians.

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