Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

PACT in a Nutshell with Stan Tatkin

The PACT Approach utilizes techniques based in a fusion of attachment theory, developmental neuroscience, and arousal regulation for effectively treating the most challenging couples.

Cost: $50 (FREE to all Maple Counseling Clinical Supervisors and trainees)

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Psychobiology is the developmental study of human beings from cradle to grave, focusing on the developing mind, brain, and body. This two-hour presentation will cover a bit of science and a lot of how therapists can organize their couple work in a manner that makes sense. Underneath the hood, PACT is an amalgam of developmental theories (neurobiology, arousal regulation, and attachment) and a combination of multiple therapeutic approaches and techniques (structural/strategic family systems, object relations, somatic tracking of face and body, psychodrama, informal trance, and more).

However, the heart of this approach is quite simple, straightforward, and elegant. Partners are expected to behave in a manner that is secure functioning: two autonomous individuals, fully interdependent, always operating collaboratively and cooperatively. Very difficult to do, particularly under stress. Secure-functioning partners operate under principles of fairness, justice, and sensitivity to one another. They co-create a unique culture of their own with a clear sense of shared purpose and vision as all free and fair unions must.

We will cover such matter as, what is a secure functioning relationship and how is it more effective than insecure models? What is the difference between secure functioning and secure attachment? How does the couple therapist promote secure functioning? What is the automatic brain and what implications does it have for pair bonding? What is PACT and how is it different from other couple approaches? What are the three theoretical domains of PACT? What are PACT interview tools and interventions?

This course is offered FREE to current Maple Counseling trainees and Volunteer Clinical Supervisors.

100% of proceeds go to Maple Counseling's mental health training and services.

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